As you can see from my blog title I do not conform to the usual stereotype of the gloomy Goth!

I have always tended to have a smile on my face and have used humour all my life to deal with whatever has happened to me, good or bad.

Well…I have been given a challenge now!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and will be having the whole gamut of treatments over this coming year.

This blog is a record of how I manage to keep a positive attitude and try to look for the humour in the new and strange world I have found myself in.

I know that my attitude will not be to everyone’s taste and the last thing I would want to do is demean or offend anyone that is going through this. It is just my own personal coping mechanism.

It would be lovely to think that I might brighten even one person’s day with my slightly different view, but I won’t lie, I am writing this blog mainly as it will give me pleasure and again keep my spirits high!